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Wiring & Cabling

If you are moving, adding or changing your voice or data services, Interconnect Systems can handle all of your internal infrastructure requirements. We work with architects, contractors, electricians and of course you the client to make sure that your infrastructure will meet your needs, now and into the future.

Cabling Services

We provide consulting to verify your infrastruture requirements and develop a plan of implementation that meets your time requirements, equipment requirements, and value requirements. All of this is accomplished with you and your needs encapsulated into a fit for your business.

Voice & Data Cabling

Interconnect Systems is a certified low voltage installation company. This means that we are able install all kinds of voice and data cabling. This can be from speaker cable - non twisted pair -to communication cable - Catagory 3, Catagory 5 - along with data cable - Catagory 5E, 6E and beyond to Fiber Single Mode or Multi Mode.

Fiber Installation

In order to enable today's High Speed Networks, Fiber is becoming the choice of these networks. Interconnect Systems is able to provide inside and outside plant infrastructure that can make your network scream with speed. Today's Gigabit networks require the proper infrastructure to obtain the value you are looking for and Interconnect Systems is there to provide you with this.