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Feb 19, 2015

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ONG&ONG plans for the future with Mitel. Mr Ong Yu-Phing has his eyes firmly focused on the future. Mr Ong is the IT director at ONG&ONG, a major architectural consultancy based in Singapore. Operating across multiple countries in Asia, ONG&ONG has a rapidly growing workforce of 600 people.



  • Multi-discipline architectural consultancy and services firm
  • Based in Singapore
  • Operates in Singapore, India, Malaysia, China, Vietnam and USA


Customer Needs

ONG&ONG needs to efficiently handle rapid growth across multiple countries, while keeping control of running costs. Employees routinely work while visiting project sites, and collaborate with team members spread across multiple locations.


Solution Components

  • Mitel MiVoice Business
  • Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced
  • Mitel Audio & Web Conferencing
  • Mitel Unified Communicator Mobile
  • Mitel Teleworker


Founded in 1972, the firm is a one-stop shop for architectural services, offering project management, interior design, environmental design, engineering services, and project development.

Mr Ong explained, “ONG&ONG has grown rapidly in recent years, doubling our workforce in the last 3 years. Our client projects require our team members to regularly work offsite, and collaborate with clients via conference calls. We have already established offices in Malaysia, India, China, Vietnam, and the USA to service our client projects, and we expect further growth. We found ourselves running out of capacity with our old phone systems, and realised that our business goals would require a system that was a lot more flexible.”

To accommodate the needs of an expanding business, it was decided to migrate to an IP communications platform for the business. ONG&ONG decided to initially focus on deploying a solution for their Singapore operations, incorporating new facilities to support employees working from home.

A thorough evaluation process was commenced in June 2010, with options from several major vendors put through their paces. ONG&ONG chose Radiance Communications and Mitel® as their partners for the project. Radiance is a Singapore based systems integrator that specialises in enterprise communications solutions. Radiance designed and implemented the solution. Routine daily administration of the system is handled by the ONG&ONG in-house IT team, with Radiance providing ongoing maintenance, and assistance with any complex configuration changes.

The solution was designed to take full advantage of ONG&ONG’s VMware datacentre infrastructure, with instances of Mitel MiVoice Business, Mitel Teleworker, Mitel Unified Communicator Mobile, and Mitel Audio Web Conferencing running on the existing VMware platform. The initial installation occurred in March 2011.

The flexibility of the new Mitel solution was demonstrated immediately when ONG&ONG decided to relocate one of their Singapore based offices in June 2011. The move involved the relocation of 100 employees over a single weekend, and was greatly simplified by the highly automated features built into the Mitel solution.

Mr Ong continued, “Our old communications solution was difficult to reconfigure, and failed to keep pace with our business growth. The new Mitel system is highly automated, and we can maintain it using the same skills and VMware tools and we use for our other business applications. Running our Mitel solution on VMware has been a huge time saver for our in-house IT team, and given us a lot of flexibility.”

Rather than immediately deploy Mitel MiVoice Business solutions at each international office location, ONG&ONG decided to temporarily leave their old branch office phone systems in place. Instead of a full upgrade at each branch office, key employees at the international offices have been provided with a Mitel IP desktop handset and softphone for their laptops.

This interim step has allowed ONG&ONG to implement the upgrade program in a staged manner, reducing their upfront costs, while delivering “head-office” levels of service to key employees, regardless of where they are working. The remotely deployed IP handsets and softphones are managed via the Mitel Teleworker solution located in Singapore datacentre.

ONG&ONG team members based in Vietnam, Malaysia, China and India regularly need to collaborate with their Singapore based colleagues. Mitel Audio & Web Conferencing has been deployed in meeting rooms across the organisation, improving the productivity of conference calls, and simplifying information sharing.

The IP based Mitel solution now allows employees to inexpensively make lengthy international calls between offices. Employees can now also use SIP based softphone applications installed on their laptops and smart phones to reduce their reliance on expensive cell phone calls. Call accounting is now used to accurately measure and report phone usage by each employee, and assign accurate costs to specific groups within the business.

Mitel Dynamic Extension features have been used to automatically link employee cell phones with desktop office phones, and laptop softphones. This allows employees to give out a single phone number, with incoming calls seamlessly directed automatically to the most appropriate device. This advanced level of call handling improves the  reachability and efficiency of employees when they are away from their desks.

The sophisticated combination of Mitel call routing features has helped ONG&ONG to greatly improve communications between offices, while reducing costs. This has allowed ONG&ONG to achieve an overall 5% reduction in international call costs, in a period of rapid expansion for their international project workload.

Mr Ong concluded, “Our client projects require enormous amounts of teamwork, which can be challenging when team members are located across several countries. Our Mitel solution has achieved significant cost savings, helped improve teamwork, and given us a very cost effective way to grow in the future.” 

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