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Aug 1, 2013

Posted by: admin

Is Your Business Phone System Costing You Money?

Investing in new technology, otherwise referred to as “the cost of doing business,” is something that makes most business owners cringe, especially when times are tight. It’s tough to spend money on something that doesn’t seem like it will bring an immediate return on investment. But if your current business phone system isn’t doing it’s job, you could be costing your business more than you ever realized—and buying a new one just makes good fiscal sense.

Here are a few ways your old business phone system could be costing you—in customers or in cash.

Customer retention. If your current system is unprofessional or doesn’t offer features like “follow me” to help customers reach the parties they need to within your organization, you may be losing business.

Maintenance costs. Is your system costly to maintain? Has it been discontinued?

Productivity. Is your system easy and comfortable to use? Does it help employees manage their calls effectively and their time efficiently or is it a hassle to use?

Total cost of ownership. Is your system as affordable as you originally thought? Some systems are reasonably priced at sign up and on a monthly basis, but require regular and costly upgrades or service fees.

Perception. Does your business phone system reflect the kind of company you are (or want to be), both in aesthetics and function? The right system with the right features can help you attract new customers and keep old ones.

Satisfaction. Are you unhappy with the service you’re getting both from your system and your vendor?  Are your questions and concerns answered promptly? Are service repairs/updates performed promptly and correctly?

Invest in a Better System

If your current business phone system isn’t making you money, it’s costing you money. To learn more about buying a system that will keep costs of all kinds down while maximizing employee productivity and customer satisfaction, download our guide to buying a business phone system. Duplicity. Do you have multiple sites and each has their own phone system?

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